Frequently Asked Questions


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Item Search:
To browse our catalogue, select a category from the navigation menu or discover our selections on the Home Page. To find something more specific, use the filters or search option on our website.

Product Information:
On each product page, you will find all available sizes and colours, as well as a description and the composition of the item. Click on the product image to zoom in and see all of the details.

How to order:
1. On the Product Page, select your desired size (if applicable; if not, skip to Step 2).
2. Add the product to your Shopping Bag
3. When you have concluded your shopping and added all your desired creations to your cart, click "Shopping Bag".
4. Enter your shipping details
5. Select and fill in your payment method
6. Check that the information you entered is correct and click "Pay and Place Order".

Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation email. As soon as the order is shipped, we will notify you with a shipping confirmation email. 

The full list of payment methods accepted is available on the checkout page, before the order is completed.

The amount paid may be lower if one or more items are not available at the time the order is dispatched. The charged amount will correspond exclusively to the value of the articles that were effectively shipped.


For security reasons, we do not allow the rerouting of the packages.


All Emilios creations purchased online are artfully hand-wrapped and delivered in an elegant signature box.

Here in Emilios we don´t charge our costumers for the shipping that on our own, but remember that the taxes must be pay by the costumer.

Before the shipping process has been initiated, orders may be partially modified or cancelled by contacting our Customer Service team.

Once the shipping process has been initiated and a tracking number has been issued, orders may no longer be modified or cancelled. However, you can return or exchange your order online (except for fragrances and personalised orders).

You can access the complete return policy and terms of sale here.

You may return a Emilio´s piece that you purchased online for an exchange or a refund, within 14 days from the date of delivery.

You can access the complete return policy and terms of sale here.


As Bulgari is committed to protecting its team and clients, it has implemented the following State/Province COVID-19 Guidelines.

To ensure social distancing, we will be limiting the total number of guests in each boutique. Inside our boutiques, please practice social distancing and remain at least two metres (two arms lengths) from other people.

Our advisors will be wearing facemasks, gloves and additional protective equipment when applicable. Clients will be required to wear protective face coverings to enter a boutique, and we will be happy to provide disposable face coverings upon request. Hand sanitiser will also be available throughout our stores, and we encourage our guests to use it upon entering our boutiques.
Services and Store Hours may change; please contact the boutiques directly or our Client Services Team.

To protect your jewelry pieces, consider these steps:

1. *Storage*: Keep jewelry in separate compartments to prevent scratching. Use soft pouches or jewelry boxes with fabric lining.

2. *Avoid Moisture*: Moisture can damage metals and gemstones. Store jewelry in a dry place and avoid wearing it in water.

3. *Cleanliness*: Clean your jewelry regularly with appropriate cleaning solutions. Use a soft brush to gently remove dirt and grime.

4. *Chemicals*: Keep jewelry away from harsh chemicals, including household cleaning agents, perfumes, and hairsprays.

5. *Temperature*: Extreme temperatures can affect some gemstones and metals. Avoid exposing jewelry to rapid temperature changes.

6. *Travel*: Use a travel case with compartments to protect jewelry when traveling. Pack it in your carry-on to prevent loss.

7. *Special Care*: Certain gemstones (e.g., opals, pearls) require special care. Research specific care guidelines for your jewelry pieces.

8. *Maintenance*: Regularly check for loose stones, weakened clasps, or worn prongs. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.

9. *Insurance*: Consider insuring valuable jewelry pieces to provide financial protection in case of loss, theft, or damage.

10. *Professional Cleaning*: For valuable pieces, consult a professional jeweler for occasional cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

Remember that different jewelry materials and gemstones may have specific care requirements, so always research the best practices for your specific pieces.