About us

Although EMILIO'S Jewelry may be relatively new, the team behind it has known each other for over 30 years. This group of Colombian jewelers began working together in a small workshop in downtown Bogotá during the rise of the emerald movement in the country. Over time, their skill and craftsmanship in designing and crafting fine jewelry became known throughout Colombia and beyond.

As the world became increasingly connected through technology, these jewelers sought ways to share their work with a more global audience. They knew they had to adapt to the times and take advantage of available tools to reach a wider customer base.

That's when they decided to create EMILIO'S, their new online store. With this platform, they could offer their unique and artisanal designs to people worldwide.

The journey was not easy. They had a lot to learn about managing an online store, creating a website, and reaching new customers online. But these jewelers had an advantage: their experience in jewelry design and craftsmanship was unparalleled.

Using their knowledge and skills, they created an online store with a wide selection of high-quality jewelry. From engagement rings to diamond necklaces, each piece was handmade with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship they had always offered.

Today, the jewelers at EMILIO'S continue to design and craft fine jewelry with the same passion and dedication they have always had. Now, thanks to their online store, they can share their work with a global audience and continue to grow as artists and entrepreneurs.